• Why you should consider updating your website

Does your website promote your business and will it help you attract more clients?

Words: Candice Greig, Web Developer at Confab

If your answer is no, then you should not continue reading this article and get in touch with us, so that we can assist you by building a website that will convert visitors into leads who then become customers!

Your website promotes you to the online world 24/7, so investing time and effort into keeping this extremely powerful marketing tool is pointless, if it does not help you or your business grow and prosper.

Internet users are more savvy today than every before and with all the information readily available to them, have become fussy with how they want their online experience to be.  With so many brands and businesses competing for their attention online, it is vitally important that you maintain and keep your website fresh and up to date with some of the latest web design Ballito, modern technological advancements and SEO.

If your website was built over 2 years ago, then it is most likely far behind in terms of design and functionality and probably has outdated code behind it that can cause your website to load sluggishly, respond differently on some devices or not be compatible with the latest browsers.

A fresh new look for your website can help with creating a great first impression with your clients. Nothing shouts “successful, modern business” more than a well thought out and presented website with fresh and up to date content that’s easy to use.

Here are some questions you should ask yourself about your website and see if your website needs as update.

Is your website memorable and does it stand out in the crowd?
Does it reflect your brand correctly?
Are you attracting the right type of clients?
Is your theme and functionality on your website up to date?
Is your website mobile friendly?
Does your website have enough Call to Actions?

Why do you have a website? Is it for promoting your work? Is it helping you get new business? Is it helping your customers getting to know your business?

While we understand that redesigning a website is an important and time consuming process, we can assist you by breaking down this process with a step by step approach. We are here to help and guide you, making the process a lot less daunting and a lot more streamlined. By using our expertise, we can assist you to create and build a beautiful and powerful online marketing tool to help you get the most out of your website.