• Make 2021 the year of measurable results for your business

Make 2021 the year of measurable results for your business

Words: Jessica Turner, Managing Director of Confab

Asking the right questions is as important as answering them

In the words of Eric Ries from The Lean Startup “in the old economy, it was all about having the answers. But in today’s dynamic, lean economy, it’s more about asking the right questions.” 

As we start a new year amidst continued global uncertainty, it is essential for businesses to operate leaner, work smarter and ask themselves the right questions in order to stop doing that isn’t working and start focusing on what is. 

We would like to ask you a few questions about your digital marketing as we kick off 2021:

  • Are you tracking results and measuring the ROI of your digital marketing currently? 
  • When last did you compare your year-on-year digital results? 
  • Are your digital marketing efforts directly working to achieve your overall marketing goals, and can you prove this? 
  • Is your digital agency supplying you with monthly reports displaying measurable results, ROI, and is your team paying close attention to these reports? 
  • Have you adjusted your digital marketing strategy since the onset of Covid-19? 
Businesses that aren’t getting measurable results from their digital marketing are being left behind

As you answered the above questions on behalf of your business, if you are confident in the answers and they prove you are on the right track for 2021, that’s incredible and we wish you great success as you move into the future. 

If, when answering these questions you’ve realized that your digital marketing plan is not as watertight as it needs to be to sail the unchartered waters of 2021 and beyond, then read on… 

Our team is amazed (and often frightened) at how many businesses throw budget behind digital marketing yet do not receive intelligent analytics reports from their agency or digital team and worse yet, if they do receive these, do not spend time analysing them. 

Many of the clients that move over to Confab Agency after working with another partner previously, do so because they feel they are not getting measurable results (emphasis on the measurable) from their agency. 

Intelligent insights are digital marketing imperatives

Our firm belief is that companies should not spend a cent on digital if they will not receive, in return, intelligent insights around how their campaign(s) is performing. One of the many reasons that businesses have pivoted from traditional marketing methods to digital is the fact that it is measurable, quantifiable and you are able to determine your exact return on investment when the right tools and tracking methods are in place. Gone are the days of merely ticking to box to say “our business is on social media” or “we have a website.” Businesses that merely see digital marketing as a nice-to-have or a to-do-list-checkbox are missing the value that this mode of marketing can bring to the table and are being left to bite the dust of their competitors. 

How to make 2021 the year of measurable results for your business

If you are not marketing digitally or are spending money ‘flying blindly’ in the digital abyss without seeing measurable results, we have good news: that can change! 

Here are a few of our team’s suggestions:  

  • Work with an agency or partner that doesn’t just overpromise, but shows you, in real time, the measurable results you are getting from your budget spent with them.
  • Ensure that all of the necessary tracking tools are in place across your website, social media, email marketing and other platforms.
  • Take time to upskill yourself and your team around the Google Analytics dashboard and what the various metrics mean.
  • Insist on intelligent insights from your agency and take part in a tutorial where your team is taught how to read the numbers and understand the metrics. 
  • Do not, we repeat, do not have a stagnant digital strategy. Your digital marketing approach must be able to pivot, and pivot quickly, as the digital landscape changes (the necessity of this we have seen first hand during Covid-19).

If you are feeling despondent by your lack of measurable results to date or daunted about how to get from where you are to where you need to be, the good news is that we have simple and cost effective offerings and approaches for businesses of all sizes that will ensure they are seeing measurable results, growth and goals achieved. 

If you are not marketing your business digitally, or need to expand to more digital channels, we can help. Click here to get in touch.

If you are marketing your business digitally but are not seeing measurable results or value for your money, we’d love to conduct an audit of your digital efforts and assist you in making 2021 the year of measurable results for your business. Click here to get in touch.