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Epic Fiji Watersports

We love being afforded the opportunity to work on projects for overseas clients, and the award for our most ‘exotic’ client to date definitely goes to Epic Water Sports, a new startup on the Coral Coast of Fiji. This business which is run by two ocean enthusiasts with a wealth of knowledge and experience offers fishing, sailing, surfing, jet ski and snorkeling charters as well as island tours around the various Fijian islands. Our team was afforded the opportunity to work on a corporate identity for the business as well as design and develop a brand new website for them, and if we are honest, 90% of the time we were hard at work on this project and the rest of the time we were daydreaming about vacationing on the dreamy islands of Fiji. 


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The Finished Product

As a team of ocean-lovers and surfers ourselves, we thoroughly enjoyed working on this project from start to finish, and after gazing longingly at images of pristine islands for a few months, we feel (mentally) at home in Fiji. 

The first part of this project was to conceptualise a bold yet simple logo that would make a statement on various digital and print elements. We designed a logo that was ocean-inspired yet would translate well across multiple marketing mediums. Once the brand had been developed, we then brought to life a simple website for Epic Water Sports that showcases their business and services as well as allows for online booking enquiries. As a startup company, the website we opted for was one that is basic yet offers room for expansion along with the business. 

Thank you to the Epic Fiji team for trusting us to work on this project, we have loved working with you! 

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