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Hold Me Father

The Hold Me Father project was one close to our hearts as we had the honour of bringing to life the concept and design for a UK-based EP recording project.

‘Hold Me Father’ is a single that was written by talented musician and songbird Louise Campion and is currently being recorded alongside a live orchestra in London. 

Written over 19 years ago but never recorded, releasing Hold Me Father to the world has been a dream in Louise’s heart for nearly two decades.


Logo Design

About the Project

Our team was tasked with the project of creating a visual depiction and brand identity for the ‘Hold Me Father’ EP. Starting with a brainstorming session with Louise via Skype, we took some time to understand her vision and desires for the branding aspect of the project before we put our design tools to work to create an intricate design that is highly symbolic for Louise. It was an honour to play a small part in the Hold Me Father project and there’s nothing we love more than seeing the dream in a client’s heart come to life. 

We wish Lou and the rest of her team all the best as they finalise the EP recording and then release it to the world! 

For more information about the Hold Me Father Project, click here

A big thank you to Lou for trusting us to bring your logo to life

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