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MRP Foundation

It’s strange for us to think of MRP Foundation as a ‘client’ because we feel a lot more like a part of their team than anything else; almost like an ‘inhouse-outsourced’ type of relationship which began back in 2014 when they were still known as the ‘RedCap Foundation.’ 

The MRP Foundation team wakes up in the morning to break the cycle of poverty and inequality in South Africa through education and skills development and it’s our honour to be the team that plays a part in sharing their inspiring story far and wide through social media channels. 


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About the Project

Our team started the MRP Foundation social media channels in 2014 and have managed them ever since, adding a few new digital channels to the repertoire along the way; namely, LinkedIn. 

From Facebook to FlickR and all the social channels in-between our team, alongside a highly talented MRP Foundation communications team conceptualises campaigns and then communicates these across the various channels, reaching into the  millions of people every year. We meet regularly to discuss progress, plan campaigns and cover the various events that MRP Foundation has on the yearly calendar, from skills development graduations to the ‘Ride for MRP Foundation’ cycle. There is always something exciting on the go at MRPF! 

Recently, we added graphic design to our service offering as well as began facilitating a few social media workshops with the Professional Retail Programme students to equip them with skills to use social media channels for the purpose of find employment and building their careers. 

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